The Unwanted Item

So basically, my partner has this collection of stamps. One day I decided to write a advert to try to get rid of them without him knowing… He has possessed these stamps since he was little, they are a family air-loom but I just cannot bare them being in the house.  They have taken over … More The Unwanted Item


As a Drama student, I know that finding a great monologue to perform can be a difficult task. I am often asked if I know of any great monologues so I would like to share some of the contemporary female monologues I have found, with you. Cressy – Radiance by Louis Nowra. You were created from dirt. … More Monologues


You either love or hate being alone. Some people like their space, to be isolated from others is something that they enjoy. But that’s not me. Being alone to me is like being in solitary confinement.Your locked in a room, there’s no air, only a door and a bed. Any sign of life brings hope … More Alone


It’s almost three o’clock. Panic strikes. She sits at her laptop, her mind running wild. Where is it? She knows she saved it on her recent documents but she just can not find it. All her work could have been wiped in one instant. It’s twenty-past two. She finds it. She presses print. It doesn’t … More Panic

My favourite books.

So, as I have decided to be an anonymous blogger I wanted to share something with my followers that lets them get to know me a little better. As you may have already noticed I love creative writing.I have been a bookworm from the age of three. My Mum taught me to read before I … More My favourite books.